Awardees of Zero Project Conference

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Awardees of Zero Project Conference

The Zero Project Conferenceis a three-day event at the United Nations in Vienna, Austria. The conference aimed to promote the inclusion and empowerment of persons with disabilities worldwide.

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On February 23, 2023, the Zero Project at the United Nations awarded us for having the most successful project in improving the lives of people with disabilities, and we’re thrilled to announce it. Our innovative model in the ICT category for the employment of persons with disabilities earned us this award. We contributed towards fulfilling UN Global Goals, providing access to education and employment for people with disabilities.

600 experts reviewed applications before a highly-attended award ceremony, which broadcasted online and reached 10,000 people. The President of the Parliament of Austria, Mr Wolfgang Sobotka, personally invited us to join a presentation on five projects to the Austrian Parliament. Our project is an applicable example that meets the employment needs of businesses and people with disabilities.

This recognition further reinforces our commitment to providing equal opportunities for everyone. It motivates us to keep creating more initiatives for meaningful change.

Learn more about all the activities, speakers, amazing innovations and everything that happened at Zero Project Conference 2023.

Our CEO and Founder Elizabeta with the award
We share the stage along with:
John Robinson from Our Ability, United States
Catherine Holloway from Global Disability Innovation Hub, United Kingdom,
Evert Jan Hoogerwerf from Global Alliance of Assistive Technology Organizations (GAATO), Switzerland,
Samuel Proulx from Fable, Canada
Luc de Witte from The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands

In this session, leading innovations in Assistive Technology are presented that support persons with disabilities in independence, health, and employment. In cooperation with GAATO.
Our Ceo with the other speakers presents the leading innovations in Assistive Technology in the World
The CEO and Founder Elizabeta with Dejan the Digital marketer 
The CEO is Holding the Award.
The CEO and Founder Elizabeta with Dejan the Digital marketer

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