Premiere of the movie Seeds of Hope

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Premiere of the movie Seeds of Hope

On the 21st of February, happened the premiere of the movie Seeds of Hope, where our company was one of the participants. The documentary Seeds of Hope portrays 15 social enterprises in the Northern Republic of Macedonia. The movie is describing their mission through their inspirational and emotional stories.

We saw the stories of the people with disabilities who work in these enterprises, often previously marginalized in society. The real heroes who, despite everything, decided to move on, to break down barriers.

We also want to express our gratitude to Barbara Sadowska, Suzana Trajkovska Kocankovska, and Ratka Pemova and their incredible team. For their work in organizing this event. We are all grateful for their dedication and hard work.

Our CEO and Founder has a pitch
All the participants of the movie Seed of Hope are on the stage receiving a flower.
The members of our Team with Ratka

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